To Vladimir Bukovsky

We'll have no farewell celebration
No bottles will be fetched in haste
You will be followed to the station
By laughing chiefs of transit jails.

The convoy guard will spit his joke out
Will you feel horrid or detached?
Smug knowing smiles will spread around
Big city liberal habitats.

They'll chat about Don Quixote
And then go home to their kids
They'll drown you in their funny stories
And drown their rights in double-think.

And I myself don't seem much better
All cramped up in my lonely room
I left you like a road trip drifter
On that drab bench for the accused.

But this is not how people part
Lord, give me strength and show me mercy
When time will come and wheels will start
Drum at my heart in rhythmic flurry.

The roosters didn't crow three times
My walk to questioning was silent
The damned good sense was so unwise
It outweighed my heart and swamped it.

But I won't lie and I won't rest
Be certain, friend, be reassured
If only I don't hang myself
I'll be with you if I deserve it

- Vadim Delaunay

   Moscow, 1967


Translated by Alissa Ordabai.


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