Soviet History Lessons archive makes the following press articles available to journalists and researches. Please address all enquiries to Alissa Ordabai:

  1. Report from Russia, by Philip Ben, The New Republic, June 27, 1964.

  2. Why It Pays To Be Mad in Russia, by Valery Tarsis, The Gazette (Montreal, Canada), March 7, 1966. 

  3. Mr. Tarsis denounces Moscow sentences as inhuman, The Times, February 16, 1966.

  4. Another Writer Arrested? By Our Diplomatic Staff, The Guardian (London, UK), February 17, 1966. 

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  8. Soviet Holds Secret Trial of Three Writers, by Reuters, The Baltimore Sun, August 31, 1967.

  9. Three Years in Jail for Russ Hippie, by UPI, Oakland Tribune, September 1, 1967. 

  10. Three years for protest in Moscow, by Kyril Tidmarsh, The Times, September 2, 1967.

  11. Russ Author Draws Three Years for Protest, by UPI, The Los Angeles Times, September 2, 1967.

  12. Three Soviet Poets Sentenced For Freedom Demonstration, by Associated Press, Express and News (San Antonio), September 2, 1967.

  13. Poet Sentenced, by Associated Press, The Austin American, September 2, 1967. 

  14. Three Soviet Poets Sentenced for Freedom Demonstration, by Associated Press, The San Antonio Express News, September 2, 1967. 

  15. Free Speech Soviet Poet Is Sentenced, by Associated Press, The Shreveport Times, September 2, 1967. 

  16. Author Who Fought for Freedom, Daily Mirror (United Kingdom), September 2, 1967. 

  17. Protester Gets Jail in Russia, by UPI, The Miami Herald, September 3, 1967. 

  18. Soviet “Hippie” Plans Appeal, by UPI, The Honolulu Star Bulletin, September 3, 1967.

  19. CIA Accused of Ghosting Mrs. Alliluyeva’s Memoirs, by Associated Press, The Baltimore Sun, September 4, 1967. 

  20. Soviets Secretly Try Members of Underground, by Thomas M. Brown, UPI, Greenville Advocate, September 6, 1967. 

  21. Socialist Humanism, by Irene Corbally Kuhn, Shenandoah Evening Herald, November 11, 1967.

  22. Two Writers and the Public, by David Burg, The Washington Post / Los Angeles Times Service, The Windsor Star, November 23, 1967.

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  24. Soviet Writers Jailed for Honoring Freedom’s Poet, by Mark Gayn of Chicago Daily News, The Boston Globe, December 8, 1967. 

  25. Four Dissident Russians Go on Trial Monday on Slander Charges, by UPI, The Philadelphia Inquirer, December 10, 1967. 

  26. Russian Defied Secret Police, by Associated Press, Times Colonist, December 27, 1967.

  27. Russian Intellectual Defies Police, by the The York Times Service, Honolulu Star Bulletin, December 27, 1967. 

  28. Russian Chemist Defies Soviet Security Police, by the New York Times News Service, The Gazette and Daily (York, Pennsylvania), December 27, 1967.

  29. West Gets Record Of Secret Trial, by the New York Times, Times Democrat, (Davenport-Bettendorf, Iowa), December 27, 1967.

  30. Grandson of Former High Red Tells of Secret Police Warning, by Associated Press, The Amarillo Globe Times, December 27, 1967. 

  31. Purge Victim Hits Magazine, by Associated Press, The Leader Post, (Regina, Sask.), December 27, 1967.

  32. Russian, York Daily Record, December 27, 1967. 

  33. Litvinov’s Grandson Gives West Report on Soviet Literary Trial, by the New York Times News Service, St. Louis Post Dispatch, December 27, 1967.

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  76.  Insanity: Soviet Word For Bucking The System, from the Los Angeles Times, St. Petersburg Times (St. Petersburg, Florida), June 1, 1969. 

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  92. Dissident Russ Student Spends Six of 27 Years Locked Up, by Holger Jensen, Associated Press Moscow correspondent, The South Bend Tribune (South Bend, Indiana), May 17, 1970. 

  93. Despite Persecution, Soviet Rebel Refuses To Accept Communist Life, by Holger Jensen, Associated Press Moscow correspondent, May 17, 1970. 

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